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Overview Zamml - Mobile Publications

Distribute your publications fast and free of charge
Build your presence on the mobile phone

Reach all readers in your coungry or globally

Integrate with social media, e-mail and SMS

New functions!


About us

With Zamml you reach your audience!
Secure your presence on the mobile phone

Your audience is using mobile phones more and more. Its the one communication and information hub everyone uses. Get a presence on mobile phones and reach a massive audience!

Internet is only accessible in specific areas. This is where Zamml comes in! With our service users download your publications to their mobile phone and store them. So they can access them everywhere. At home, during a powerout or while traveling they read your info and you establish the best connection to them. Let users download issues for free or charge subscription fees.

Use Zamml to build your media house and reach your readers in every corner of your country or even globally.

  • Free of charge

    Publishing on Zamml is free for you and your readers

  • Everywhere

    You distribute publications to a global audience

  • Interactive

    Link your info with Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and more

  • All digital

    No paper, no printing, no logistics - all online


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