Installation Mobile App

Readers install the Zamml mobile app from Google Play or Apple App Store; the app is available free of charge.

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The following explanations apply to use of Android or iOS alike. Where functions are different the descriptions indicates explicitly, to which operating system it applies.

The layout of the app may vary slightly between Android and iOS.


If you open the app for the first time the home screen is empty. Tap on the “magnifying glass” icon to open the search box. Enter a search term and submit by tapping “Enter”, “Return” or ↩ on the screen. The search result appears on the screen. Tap on the issue you wish to download. The download starts.

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Please note: downloading via mobile Internet may not be free of charge with your mobile phone data plan and you may incur costs. If you are abroad its recommendable to limit download to accessible Wi-Fi connections.

A downloaded issue is stored in your mobile phone and accessible anywhere. A downloaded issues appears on your home screen. Tap the image and to open a specific issue. Navigate through the various articles of an issue by using the usual finger swipes left&right and up&down on the screen. Swipe from left border to screen center or tap on Z in top left corner to access the chapter drawer.

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Via the “share button” Share Button in the menu bar you can post infos on an article directly into your preferred app (eg. Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat Email) and share it with your contacts.

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Tap&hold an issue on the home screen to delete it. Confirm deletion in the popup and erase all linked data for this issue from the mobile phone memory.


Error when downloading an issue

If you encounter an error during download or an issue does not appear on the home screen after download, quit the app and open it again afterwards. Often it is enough to tap the back button to do this. Though, some apps have to be removed from the app history list in order to quit them. Android: tap on the square screen button bottom right and delete app from the history list. iOS: tap&hold the front button and swipe the app out of the history list.

Error after app update (iOS only)

It is possible that the iOS app does not work properly after an automatic app update and downloaded issues are not visible. Please uninstall and re-install the app via Apple AppStore. Afterwards it should work without any problem. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Android users do not have this problem.

In case of persisting problems or other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at